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The new name in Certification

ER Certification to introduce the new QCC mark from January 2024.

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The new name in Certification



In 2024 ER Certification Ltd. will rebrand their CMS scheme certifications to the new "Quality Compliance Certified" (QCC) mark. The "Quality Compliance Certified" mark signifies that a product, service, or organization adheres to strict quality standards and complies with industry regulations and guidelines. It is a symbol of reliability and assurance.

  • The "Quality Compliance Certified" mark should only be used by entities that have successfully met the stringent quality standards and compliance requirements.
  • It should be prominently displayed on products, packaging, marketing materials, websites, and documentation related to certified products or services.
  • Regular audits and quality checks should be conducted to ensure continued compliance and eligibility to display the mark.


This "Quality Compliance Certified" mark communicates a strong commitment to quality and compliance, providing assurance to consumers and partners that the certified products or services meet the highest industry standards and regulatory requirements.


John Warburton

Managing Director

ER Certification Ltd.