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 Doorset Energy Rating scheme - Questions and Answers


Our Door Energy Rating scheme page gives information on how to proceed but first you may have some questions.  The following are common ones:

  1. Can be the DSER scheme be applied to all doors regardless of materials used? Yes, doesn’t matter whether they are manufactured using PVCu, timber or aluminium.
  2. What about composite doors? Yes, those too.
  3. Is it just for pedestrian doors? No, it can be applied to Patio doors, French doors and Sliding Folding (or "Bifold") in addition to Pedestrian doors. The latter include solid unglazed doors, partially glazed doors and fully glazed doors.
  4. How are unglazed, partially and fully glazed doors defined?A solid door or one with less that 5% glazed area will be termed unglazed, one with 5 – 20% glazing will be termed partially glazed, whilst a door with more than 20% glazed area will be fully glazed.
  5. The Window Energy Rating scheme takes account of solar gain. What happens with doors?In the case of Patio doors, French doors and Sliding Folding (or "Bifold") doors, solar gain will be taken into account. For all other door sets solar gain will not be included in simulations.
  6. I currently meet Building Regulations 2010 by fabricating and supplying windows with a minimum WER band of C. Does this mean I will need to produce C rated doors to comply with current Building Regulations? At present, Building Regulations do not make reference to Door Energy ratings just a requirement for the whole door u-value to be 1.8 or lower. In broad terms a door u-value of 1.8 will equate to DER band E. Best performing doors may achieve a DER within band A.
  7. What fees are there? You will pay the Independent Agency and BFRC separately at their respective rates. If you need a consultant to help implement an FRC or similar, they will also charge accordingly.