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Doorset Energy Ratings - information for fabricators


With the long awaited BFRC Doorset Energy Rating (DSER) scheme launched on 01 September 2011, do you know what you need to do to start producing rated doors? In just the same way as windows and white goods, this new scheme scheme will allow consumers to compare the thermal insulating performance of different doors, regardless of type or material.


The ER Certification 3 simple steps for door fabricators  are as follows :

Step 1

If you don't have a suitable Quality Management System (QMS) or Factory Production Control (FPC) system, you need to install a FPC to provide traceability and proof of compliance with the various scheme requirements. You may wish to appoint a consultancy company to assist you with implementation of a suitable Factory Production Control (FPC) system.

Step 2

You will need to get a BFRC approved assessment of the performance of the door range you wish to be DER labelled. A computer based simulation prepared by a BFRC Approved Simulator is normally used to assess the door range. It is based upon standard door configurations which use doors of specific sizes depending upon type.

Step 3

Once you have obtained simulation reports to provide evidence of the calculated Doorset Energy Ratings, an Independent Agency (IA) such as ER Certification Ltd. can then start the process of the factory production control assessment. During the visit to the manufacturer's premises, the IA will check through the simulation reports, confirm that the detailed components are those actually used to produce the relevant doors then check the operation of the Quality or Factory Production Control system. When the IA is satisfied that the necessary requirements have been met, they will forward an information pack including details of the assessment to BFRC, who will process the application. On payment of their fees BFRC will then issue details of the DSER labels to the door manufacturer and put information onto the BFRC website. The door manufacturer will then be able to start labelling products for sale into the market place.


Download the application form to join one of the ER Certification scheme.


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